Advanced Technology Inspired By Today’s Challenges


Since 2010, Penntek Industrial Coatings has been a supplier of industrial coatings, meeting the market demand for high-quality, contractor-oriented coating solutions. Since the company’s launch, Penntek has experienced strong growth and demand, serving regional contractors in the Twin Cities, as well as contractors throughout Minnesota and even the entire U.S.

When the company was started by Kyle Baynes, he went on a question to source the finest products for his contracting business’s projects and found that the products that were currently available on the market weren’t up to par. They simply weren’t meeting the needs of his projects in terms of value and quality. This is when he began working with coating formulations to design better options to use in his business.

Of course, his creations didn’t stop with just his own business.

Using advanced technology and quality ingredients to create effective formulations, he developed the products that are now provided by Penntek to contractors all over the country. These coatings are of the highest quality and a necessity among those working in the manufacturing industry because they are durable and can even add to the safety of the work environment.

As Penntek Industrial Coatings continues its commitment to customer satisfaction and quality the company ensures contractors have the peace of mind that they are using a reliable product every time. This is what keeps contractors coming back to us again and again when they are in need of superior coatings for their own customers. Our contractor customers don’t want to accept quality that is less than they deserve because they aren’t going to pass on something to their customers that is less than they deserve.

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Penntek Industrial Coatings is dedicated to providing you with a superior product that has an aesthetically appealing appearance and lasts for as long as possible. To order products or schedule installation training, contact us today at 844-290-9364