An Affordable and easy to maintain solution that creates a durable non-slip shop floor.

Penntek’s Shop Floor System can turn a floor into an extremely durable floor that is resistant to harsh chemicals. This is an affordable solution that uses PB 200, dry sand, and a PT 300 topcoat that is highly chemical resistant. Basically, this is a unique coating option.

At Penntek Industrial Coatings, we have established ourselves as a quality Minnesota floor coatings company by providing unique products that are easy to install. We work hard to contribute to your productivity so that you can capitalize upon the high-quality materials that we offer.

Advantages of the Polyurea Shop Floor System

There is a wide range of advantages to the Polyurea Shop Floor System. Some of those advantages are:

  • > Pre-tinted
  • > Flexible
  • > UV stable
  • > Chemical resistance
  • > Abrasion resistance
  • > A uniform non-slip texture for added safety
  • > Extreme adhesion
  • > Long open times
  • > Choice of cure rates
  • > Rapid cure times
  • > Affordable
  • > User-friendly

The pre-tinted topcoat can be any color you wish it to be so that it matches the shop. A shop owner shouldn’t have to adjust a room to match its flooring. The flooring should match what is already in the room.

But what makes this coating ideal for shops of all types is the slip resistance. Texture is added to the coating so that a person’s feet can stay on the floor. Being that a shop can have slippery oils and other substances on a floor, this feature is extremely important.

For you, installation is fast and the coating is user-friendly. This ensures fast installation so the shop can resume business and so contractors can quickly move onto the next job.

Common Applications

Some of the most common applications of the Polyurea Shop Floor System include:

  • > Shop floors
  • > Restrooms
  • > Commercial kitchens
  • > Wash down areas
  • > Showers
  • > Pool decks
  • > Locker rooms
  • > Walk-in refrigerators
  • > Walk-in freezers

Anywhere where the floor may be exposed to chemicals or water are ideal locations for this type of coating. The first reason is due to its slip resistance. The second reason is because of its ability to stand up to moisture. Factoring in the affordability, this is a floor coating that performs as well as an expensive coating.

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The Polyurea Shop Floor System from Penntek Industrial Coatings will give a shop floor all of the characteristics that it needs to stand up to some of the harshest abuses. If you want to learn more about our floor coating products, to order products, or you want to learn how to install the Polyurea Shop Floor System, call us at 844-290-9364.