A Safe And Durable Solution That Consistently Holds Up To Harsh Environments And Heavy Use.

Penntek’s Quartz System is a durable coating that works well in commercial and industrial applications. The quartz aggregate that is embedded in the coating creates a non-slip surface that is extremely durable. These qualities make this coating ideal for environments where floors may become wet or where safety is of utmost concern. The system can also remain functional in the most abrasive environments, as well as environments where chemicals may be used. Its strength, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance make it perfect in the harshest environment.

The Quartz System also adds to the longevity of the floor’s life, preventing customers from having to replace concrete floors prematurely. This creates an even greater return on investment for the customer.

Advantages Of The Quartz System

There are a number of advantages of the Quartz System that make it evident why it may be the floor coating solution you are looking for:

  • > Pre-tinted
  • > UV stable
  • > Flexible
  • > Chemical resistant
  • > Slip resistant
  • > Extreme adhesion
  • > Longer open times
  • > Choice of cure rates
  • > Abrasion resistant
  • > Aesthetically appealing
  • > Protects your floor so it lasts longer
  • > 100% solids
  • > Maximum broadcast time

With these benefits, you receive a superior product that allows a return to service as quickly as possible. The ability to get back to business, as usual, is something that sets our products apart from many others. The need for customer downtime is also met, which was something that was taken into consideration when our Minneapolis and St. Paul floor coating company formulated its coatings. Another area that was taken into consideration was the ease of application. The maximum re-coat times contribute to this simplicity.

Common Applications

Common applications of the Quartz System include:

  • > Restrooms
  • > Commercial kitchens
  • > Showers
  • > Locker rooms
  • > Pool decks
  • > Loading areas
  • > Veterinary clinics
  • > Medical facilities
  • > Wash down areas
  • > Walk-in freezers
  • > High traffic areas
  • > Kennels

The end result is beautiful and it will last for a long time so that you don’t have to worry about a floor failing when it shouldn’t. It protects the underlying concrete from traffic and impact and even creates a safer environment for all who tread upon it.

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