CR Mender Is The Only Product You Need For Nearly Any Type Of Concrete Repair.

Penntek’s CR Mender is an easy to use, self-leveling concrete repair solution. It is cost-effective and can meet a variety of needs. You can repair spalls, pits, cracks, and other structural issues. This user-friendly system is another innovative solution that is offered by Penntek Industrial Coatings and we are proud to be able to provide a product that saves time, money, and has a high degree of durability behind it. It is the unique and versatile material that allows it to be used in so many repair applications.

CR Mender Advantages

CR Mender comes with many advantages. What could be bad about the ability to repair concrete rather than having to replace it? Here are the answers to that question:

  • > Long pot life
  • > Rapid cure time
  • Vertical applications
  • > High build
  • > Multiple uses
  • > Extreme adhesion
  • > Cost-effective
  • > The ability to extend the life of concrete

You can do virtually any type of repair, which can shorten project completion times. Fast project completion makes for a very happy customer.

When it comes to using CR Mender before coating, you are able to create a smooth concrete service before coating the concrete. Once the coating process is complete, you can never tell that the concrete was cracked or broken in any way. Durability is also preserved. If the floor is a high impact floor, the CR Mender and the coating will work together to ensure the floor can take the pressure.

Common Applications

It is difficult to list every application, but you can use your discretion since CR Mender can be used on both horizontal and vertical repairs. The advantages of this product are:

  • > Spalling
  • > Crack repair
  • > Large and small surface repairs
  • > Damaged step repair
  • > Vertical concrete repair
  • > Deep impression repair
  • > Joint repair

CR Patch And Coat

You can also use CR Patch and Coat in your repair projects. This is a very viscous concrete repair putty that can fill small pits and cracks. You can patch cracked concrete and because there is no cure time, you can coat over the time. CR Patch and Coat uses self-cure technology so that downtime is reduced and repairs can be made quickly.

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Having a product that can repair concrete, eliminates the need to replace it. This allows contractors to offer a service that saves time and money for their customers. If a concrete floor still has life left, it should be repaired. To learn more about the CR Mender repair system, to order products, or to learn how to use the CR Mender system, call us at 844-290-9364 today!