A Cost-Effective And User-Friendly Solution Designed For Heavily Used Commercial Flooring.

Penntek’s Solid Color Epoxy System is built to be tough. In fact, it is built to handle the toughest applications. If you need your floor to withstand high impact, resist chemicals, and resist abrasions, this is the type of floor coating that you need. This epoxy system can be applied to cover small imperfections in the floor or it can be applied as a high build product.

We take pride in this product because of its strength and dependability. Our Minnesota floor coatings company understands the needs of the contractor and the businesses that we serve, so we offer products that satisfy those needs.

Advantages of Solid Color Epoxy System

The advantages of the Solid Color Epoxy System are many and they are as follows:

  • > Self-leveling
  • > High build
  • > Pre-tinted to ensure a consistent color match on every project
  • > Low odor
  • > Cost-effective
  • > Abrasion Resistant
  • > Chemical resistant
  • > 100% solids
  • > Reduced outgassing
  • > Long recoat window
  • > UV stable
  • > Ideal for large areas
  • > Wide range of textures and colors

Full custom color matching is available so you can get the color that you want and so it is consistent throughout the entire floor. Regardless of how large or small the area you are coating, consistency is very important. You will find that once installed, you have that consistency from wall-to-wall. This means you can apply a lot of square footage at one time, which is ideal for when you need to get back to business as soon as possible.

Common Applications

There are a number of common applications for this epoxy that include:

  • > Garage floors
  • > Showrooms
  • > Production areas
  • > Service areas
  • > Machine rooms
  • > Warehouses
  • > Veterinary clinics
  • > Armories
  • > Factories
  • > Anywhere with high traffic

This is a high-performance coating that will protect flooring for the long-term. It is also easy to clean so that too much time isn’t spent on maintenance. Just as businesses don’t want to lose time on the installation, they don’t want too much manpower or money being spent on floor maintenance. This floor coating is the whole package.

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