A User-Friendly Floor Coating Solution Engineered To Outperform The Competition With One-Day Installation.

Penntek’s Solid Color Polyurea System is a dependable floor coating because of its high performance. What makes this coating different from others is its cold weather installation. This coating can hold up to freeze and thaw cycles and remain flexible. You can also choose from a matte or high-gloss finish, depending on which will fit your needs and the needs of your customers. You also have the option of different colors, textures, and full custom color matching.

Advantages of the Solid Color Polyurea System

As a relied upon Twin Cities floor coating company, we take pride in the many advantages afforded by our products. Some of those advantages are:

  • > Pre-tinted
  • > Fast installation
  • > Fast cure time
  • > Choice of cure rates
  • > Reduced outgassing
  • > Longer recoat window than other polyureas
  • > Optional slip resistance when you want added safety
  • > 100% solids
  • > UV stable
  • > Chemical resistant
  • > Abrasion resistant
  • > Flexible
  • > Stands up to cold weather
  • > Stands up to hot weather
  • > Choice of matte or gloss finish
  • > Easy maintenance

This is a floor coating system that can be installed in one day. This minimizes the downtime of the business where the coating is installed.

The high gloss finish can improve the lighting in a room and it is also beautiful. If you don’t want high gloss, you don’t have to have it. Either way, this floor coating is easily maintained so that less time is spent on cleaning and maintenance and more on the things that are important.

Common Applications

The common applications of the Solid Color Polyurea System are:

  • > Garage Floors
  • > Showrooms
  • > Service Areas
  • > Production Areas
  • > Veterinary Clinics
  • > Machine Rooms
  • > Warehouses
  • > High Traffic Areas

These are just some of the applications in which the Solid Color Polyurea System can be effective. When you have a flooring application that is made to stand up to the harshest conditions, you are giving the concrete floor beneath it the protection that it needs to stay intact. This is a floor coating that can mute the effects of heavy impact on the flooring itself.

Contact a Twin Cities Floor Coating Company

We enjoy being able to give our customers options that get results, which is why we offer the Solid Color Polyurea System. It can handle the Minnesota cold in the winter and the warmups in the spring and summer. To learn more about this product or any of the others that we offer, to place an order, or to learn about Solid Color Polyrea installation, call us at or 844-290-9364 .