Calling a lead back is sales rule number one. But just calling back isn’t enough. You have to be the first to get back to that lead. At Penntek Coatings, our research shows that dealers who contact prospects quickly have a much better chance of converting leads into customers. Here’s why and how.

Respond Quickly—Trust Us, It Matters

Getting in contact with your leads seems simple. You just have to call them back, right?

Think again. Your ability to contact a lead can be drastically different depending on the time in between the moment they first get in touch with you and the moment you call back. According to an MIT study, you have a 94% chance of contacting a lead if you contact them within the first 5 minutes. But if you wait 10 minutes? That number falls to an incredibly low 19%. Even more shocking is the mere .5% chance you have upon waiting 30 minutes.

Even if you do get in contact with a lead after waiting to call back, the chances of you converting that lead are much lower as time increases. The more time you wait, the less interest your potential customers have in discussing your services. With quicker connections, you’ll have a lead that’s ready to talk (and more likely to convert!).

The Key to Connecting Quicker

So if it’s so important to connect quickly, how can you do it? The key is automating your calling process. This means generating a phone call to connect to leads the moment they come through. Automation allows you to connect to potential customers within minutes!

With Penntek, we can help you set up instant phone call connections by providing digital marketing resources. Want to hear more about the benefits of working with Penntek as a dealer? Request a callback, and we’ll tell you about our quality products and lead generation solutions.