A phone call is often the first way a customer gets in contact with your business, making your phone strategy important for your bottom line. How can you ensure you’re connecting with your customers in the best way possible? You can do a quick phone strategy checkup by asking yourself these four questions. 

Are you…

Fully Staffed So No Call Goes Unanswered?

Every call is an opportunity for your business. If you’re not fully staffed to handle all incoming calls, you’re missing out on potential revenue. Make sure you cover all business hours, that means hiring the right number to accommodate your call volume and staggering breaks so your phones are attended to at all times.

Using A Solid Script?

Writing a script that’s successful for your business means identifying the types of customers your phone reps most often encounter and writing a script that speaks to those customers. Your script should collect the important information for your sales team while smoothly guiding prospects through the sales process.

Tracking Your Calls?

In order to grow and improve, tracking and analyzing your calls is a must. How else will you know if progress is being made? Make sure you have software that supports your phone strategy and has the following capabilities:

  • Tracks phone leads and automatically inputs them into a CRM
  • A comprehensive dashboard so you can see all incoming calls, quotes, and customer activity
  • A recording system to measure the quality of your interactions with customers.

Training as a Team?

Listening to past calls as a team is great to ensure your company adopts a consistent approach to customer service. Identify strengths, analyze what could have gone differently, and discuss new scenarios to see how your team reacts. A training plan that combines open communication ensures your team is always on the same page and is a great opportunity to hear from your employees!

Training with Penntek

Penntek understands the importance of having a well-trained phone staff to increase your bottom line. To learn more about how we support our dealers through ongoing training and marketing strategies, fill out our online form to speak with one of our representatives!