Now that 2018 is coming to an end, you’re finishing up your busy season and planning for the new year. How can you start 2019 on the right foot? By having a strong online reputation. The slow season is the perfect time to bolster your online reviews by developing a reputation management strategy. Here’s what you can do to enact a successful reviews campaign:

How to Execute a Successful Reviews Strategy

Ask for Reviews: Look through your list of satisfied customers and construct an email template requesting reviews to send to that list. Determine which sites you’d like to direct your reviews, whether it’s your website or a third-party reviews site. You can also consider including incentives to encourage customers to respond and as a nice way to thank them for their time.

What to Ask: Make sure you’re explicit in what you ask for in your review request. Do you want to highlight your customer service? Product selection? Installation Experience? Make sure you’re pointed in what you ask for, so you receive thoughtful and unique responses. Descriptive asks will help jog the memory of your customers, making way for personalized reviews!

Get Bonus Content: Ask them to submit and high-quality phots of the job. It not only enhances a customer’s review by showing proof of concept, but it can inspire potential buyers and is a good tool for your sales team!

Enjoy the Penntek Reputation

Your reputation is your company’s lifeline, so it’s important to have a strategy that constantly maintains high ratings. At Penntek, we not only provide award-winning concrete coating systems to our dealers, but also ongoing support to grow their business. If you’d like to learn more about Penntek’s marketing strategy and dealer relationships, request a callback to connect with our team.