If you want an actionable goal for 2019 that will provide your business with immense avenues of opportunity, create video content. Videos perform better in search, are a more effective medium for engagement, and they showcase your work in the most custom way possible.

It’s easy to get lost in the possibilities of video, so here’s a streamlined way to develop your content curation. Instead of haphazardly shooting video when you have a spare moment, plan your video content to coincide with your yearly activities.

Here’s How You Can Align Your Video Production with Your Yearly Calendar:

Home Show Videos: Home show season is upon us, and not only is it a time to get your business in front of thousands of potential customers, but it’s a great opportunity to create video content. Get footage of your team showcasing products, talking about your company, and interacting with customers. At Penntek, we attend home shows to debut new floor coating systems and give customers a chance to interact with our products and learn how we can improve their spaces. We shoot video content at home shows and are able to use it for a multitude of things throughout the year.

Project Videos: With all the appointments booked from home show events, you can now plan video content around projects. Determine which projects will be the best for your videos- whether you want to highlight specific products, show a project of a particular scale, or reveal a before/after transformation, develop your video shoot with your vision in mind. When we shoot videos to showcase our one-day garage floor coatings, we make sure the content we create highlights the quality of our work and shows the impact of a one-day transformation. Make sure you create video that speaks to your ultimate goal.

Customer Testimonial Videos: When your project’s over, that doesn’t mean you should end the relationship with your customer. If your customer was satisfied with your work, ask them if they would like to film a customer testimonial video. Testimonial videos are valuable marketing materials- they build trust with potential customers and increase the visibility of your business. When we ask our customers to film testimonial videos, it’s because we want to hear how our floor coating systems have impacted their space. It’s a personal way to connect your products with your customers.

Smart Marketing with Penntek

It’s not enough to have industry-leading products, you have to market them the right way to your customer base. At Penntek, our dealers are given ongoing marketing strategies and support, so they can grow successful businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about expanding your business with Penntek, request a callback to speak with our team.