They say a picture is worth a thousand words and at Penntek, we couldn’t agree more! It’s important to give the details of various concrete coating systems to potential customers, but it’s even more important to actually show them results. A customer may not understand all the jargon used to describe our products, but they will have no problem connecting with a stunning set of before and after pictures.

Why Take Before and After Photos?

Customers want to see that a product works as advertised, and a high-quality set of photos helps you give them confidence. A beautiful after photo is great, but it doesn’t mean that much when the customer has nothing to compare it to.

A perfect example of why before and after photos are important is a bathroom remodel. A shiny, new bathroom may look stunning, but as a customer you want to know what it really looked like before to gauge the skill of your contractors. If they started with a modern bathroom, the work may not seem that great, but if the before photo shows a truly outdated or rundown space, the results look that much more impressive.

Taking your own before/after photos helps you communicate visually with customers, so they can see the results for themselves.

How to Take Pictures That Wow

As with anything in business, consistency is key. When you photograph your projects, make sure that you take the pictures from the same angle in each picture. Why? Customers want to see results, and if a before picture is taken from a different angle or location than the after, they may assume the reasoning for the difference is to cover imperfections or flaws in the finished project.

Additionally, when before and after pictures are viewed from the same angle, it makes a much bigger impact because a customer can view how dramatically our coatings affect any space.

The bottom line? You work hard to deliver incredible garage floor coating, residential floor coating, and commercial floor coating systems, so show potential customers how much their spaces will benefit by choosing you with before and after photos.