Recent polls have shown that texting is the top way for Americans under 50 to communicate. In fact, it has been the most popular form of communication since 2007!

Over the last decade, technology has grown in leaps and bounds, which has led to consumers expecting real-time, rapid-fire information whenever they need it—and that’s never more important than when hiring a contractor to do work on their homes.

Texting and technology have made the world a smaller place, and homeowners often aren’t willing to deal with companies that lack the personalized service that they want. At Penntek, we’ve been on the cutting-edge of the concrete coating industry for years, and we’ve seen how the business world has evolved to make texting one of the most important customer service tools available.

Although texting may have once been considered “too casual” for a business setting, that personal level support is exactly what modern consumers demand in today’s market. Texting not only improves the experience of your customers, but it supports your business growth by keeping you a step ahead of the competition.

Arrival Times: Opening the Door to Customer Communication

We all lead busy lives, and making time in the day to meet with a contractor isn’t always on the top of a homeowner’s to-do list—especially if they have already been left waiting for a company that never showed up.

There are two stages of the remodeling process where texting can open up the door to better customer communication:

  1. Consultation: You need to get your foot in the door before you can close a sale, and first impressions are everything. Texting is a highly effective way to set and confirm your initial appointment—helping your potential customer feel confident that you won’t be wasting their time.
  1. Installation: Once the concrete coating project is scheduled, texting comes in handy again! Sending out a text to your customer that lets them know exactly when to expect you to arrive can go a long way in their overall satisfaction with the experience.

Reviews: Building Your Business through Customer Satisfaction

Whether your business just completed a small garage floor coating job or wrapped up a large-scale commercial floor coating project, you want to leave every customer 100% thrilled with the results.

You also want them to share their experience so that you get credit for the job!

When the work is done, reaching out through text to check-in on customer satisfaction shows that your business goes above and beyond. This is also a great time to ask the customer if they would be willing to share a review for you to include on your website—helping you to continue building a reputation for excellence in the industry.

What About Email?

Before texting took over the communication world, email was the go-to source for sending confirmations, arrival times, and review requests—but there’s a problem with only utilizing email.

Your customer is likely to be inundated with emails every day, and there’s a good chance that your communication will go unnoticed, or worse, get filtered into the dreaded spam folder. While email still has a solid place in modern business, texting can help to eliminate misunderstandings that could affect how your customers feel about your business.

Penntek Support for Bringing Texting into Your Local Business

When a homeowner is looking for a company to do their concrete coating project, they’re looking for a contractor that is a step ahead of the rest. Penntek can help you achieve your goals of customer satisfaction and growth by providing all of our dealers with the texting tools needed to stay in touch with their clients. To learn more about what we can do for your business, request a callback today!