Content writing is at the core of modern marketing, but that doesn’t mean that it should feel like marketing to your potential customers.

While a generic marketing message may look good on paper, the key to a successful content marketing campaign is doing more than just getting the word out about your business—it’s about connecting and relating to your target market.

The catch? Many companies find that this is easier said than done!

At Penntek, we offer concrete coating systems that are at the cutting-edge of the industry—we also understand that today’s consumers are more connected than ever through social media, cell phones, and the internet, which means that business marketing needs to stand out in our communication-saturated world.

Sales pitches and traditional methods will be passed over without a second glance, but if you focus your concrete coating marketing around audience-based content, you can gain an edge on the competition by standing out in all of the right ways.

There are three key ways to create content that drives home the value that you can deliver to your audience:

1.Targeting Specific LocationsIf you live near a large city, it’s easy to focus all of your efforts on pushing keywords and content pieces related to the core metro area—but that isn’t the only approach you should take with an audience-first method.

  • Those who live in small towns and outlying areas are also looking for companies that market specifically to them, and creating content around their location and needs reminds them that you’re here—ready to serve their local community.

2.Understanding Your Customer’s Lifestyle Who is your target audience? What do they do, where do they live, and what needs are they most likely to have when it comes to residential and commercial floor coating? Whether you are focusing on garage floor coating systems or commercial applications, you can’t market to an audience that you don’t understand.

  • Think about it—if your services are geared towards homeowners, it wouldn’t make sense to focus your content on applications for rental properties!
  • By taking the time to understand the lifestyle and demographics of the market you serve, you can do more than just add value to your content—you can start building a relationship of trust with potential customers who are drawn to your personalized approach to business. 

3.Knowing the Needs of the Local CommunityThere is more to your targeted audience than basic demographics, like age, location, and income. You should also look at the bigger picture of the situation to create value-driven content that connects deeply with a need that local consumers have.

  • For example, if the area you are targeting for concrete coatings is known for extreme weather, consumers are going to be more receptive to content that highlights the durability, flexibility, and UV-resistance of concrete coatings. On the other hand, this content would be less effective in a mild climate where luxury homes are the standard—in this case, focusing on customization, curb appeal, and resale value would be a smart avenue to connect with those specific customer needs.

Building Your Message through Audience-Based Content with Penntek

Penntek has built a reputation as a leader in the industry by evolving with the changing needs of consumers, and audience-based marketing offers a direct way to reach potential customers. By offering comprehensive support for our dealers on our corporate website, we help you create effective, personalized content that drives your business forward.

To learn more about how we can support you concrete coating business, request a call back today!