Concrete Floor Coatings

As the largest and most used feature of any room, your floors require special care and attention. Whether it’s the frequent foot traffic of an outdoor pool deck or the industrial-grade machinery of a workshop garage, your floors can now withstand spills, high impacts, and heavyweight—all while maintaining an attractive appearance!

Complete Transformation

Transform your flooring system with a concrete solution that eliminates chips, stains, and other common nuisances. Penntek offers incredible performance and stunning customizations so you never sacrifice style over function.

One-Day Application

Your time is valuable, so it's nice to know that your industrial coating will be completed on the same day we arrive. Our certified installers are done in less than 24 hours, so you can start enjoying your new floors sooner.

Built for Lifetime Use

Feel confident knowing your concrete coating is built to withstand the toughest industrial environments and is backed by a residential 15-year warranty. With Penntek, you get a lifetime of superior performance—guaranteed!

The Right Style and Strength—at the Right Price!

Whether you want high shine or chip floor patterns, our flooring systems combine beauty and durability—every time.

Built with three layers for lasting strength, our chip system is a popular option for garage floors, schools, locker rooms, and commercial showrooms.This system is made of 99.5% polyurea solids to give it superior durability, including chemical, abrasion, and UV resistance. Best of all, its vinyl chips can be custom-blended into nearly any color you’d like!

Our quartz system is similar to the chip system but has two additional layers (five in total) for added strength. Utilizing both a basecoat and topcoat of polyaspartic floor coating, our system has extreme adhesion, flexibility in changing temperatures, and chemical resistance.

Due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of application, epoxy has long been a popular option for commercial flooring.

Like the rest of our concrete coatings, our solid color epoxy system has been specially engineered by experienced floor specialists. It fixes the problems common to low-quality epoxies—providing superior impact resistance and dependability at an affordable price.

Our solid color polyurea system withstands freeze-thaw cycles without cracking or splitting. It also has UV and chemical resistance.

Want more good news? A certified Penntek dealer can install it in one day.

The polyurea shop floor system offers added strength and durability. It also features a textured surface and moisture resistance, making it perfect for the harsh conditions of any workshop or factory.

When plain flooring doesn’t meet your expectations, consider Penntek’s unique metallic system.

Our floor finishing system utilizes natural pigments to create a 3D marbleized look with a bold pop of color. The eye-catching color movement and high gloss make this flooring system particularly popular for showrooms—or any space requiring that “wow” factor. And if you prefer a subtler appearance, we can swap the glossy topcoat with a high-quality matte one.

Protect the vulnerable spot between your floors and walls with a Formcove system. Our unique cove base system takes one-third of the time of a standard installation and uses only half of the materials—saving you time and money.

Need help choosing the right concrete coating system? Contact a Penntek dealer near you to discuss your flooring needs and budget.

We’ll help you find the best solution that transforms for space, giving you more style and function.

The quality of their product is truly second to none. Highly recommended.

Buck D.

Great company, great people and best products on the market, love using this products on our jobs day and day out.

Edgar S.

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