Solid Color Epoxy System

Our solid color epoxy system is cost-effective yet highly durable—perfect for large spaces!

If you’ve looked into new floors any time over the past few decades, you’ve probably heard of epoxy. With long-term durability and a relatively low installation cost, epoxy remains one of the most common flooring materials on the market today. At Penntek Industrial Coatings, we’ve taken this ever-popular material and improved upon it in every way—giving you a higher-performing floor for the same budget-friendly price!

At Penntek, we know that our floor coating systems are superior because we designed them ourselves based on years of experience as floor installation professionals. Our epoxy floor finishes are always installed by Penntek-trained and certified crews, so you won’t ever have to question the quality or dependability of your new colored floor coating system. And because our solid color epoxy system is resistant to heavy impacts, it’s strong enough for virtually any indoor space!

Just a few of the most popular areas for Penntek’s epoxy coating system include:

Commercial Kitchens
Walk-In Refrigerators
Walk-In Freezers
Wash-Down Areas
Pool Decks
Locker Rooms

Strength and Affordability From Our Unique Epoxy Coating System

With our specially formulated solid color epoxy system, you get a whole range of additional benefits for less, including:

Custom color matching

Chemical and abrasion resistance

Long-term durability and adhesion

Pre-tinted color for consistent coverage

Quick cure times

Low-odor installations

The quality of their product is truly second to none. Highly recommended.

Buck D.

Amazing support to build a foundation!

Daniel M.

Our Coating Process

Ready to add a chip coating system you can enjoy for years? Getting started is easier than you think!

Step 1

Prepare and repair any stains, cracks or pits in your current floor and profile to promote adhesion.

Step 2

Install your desired Penntek system for a long term coating solution.

Step 3

Enjoy your newly coated floor for years to come.

See the Before & After

Want to see what’s possible? Check out our gallery for projects and before and after shots to get inspired!

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